• About ABF18

    This year’s Forum will highlight that Africa is a continent ripe with high-potential opportunities and growth, and that there is tremendous pride that comes along with sharing our opportunities and visions for the future with the world. We want the world to take notice and join us as we shape our future. But we want to do it on our terms, controlling the narrative of what it means to do business in Africa in the present and the future. These are our voices, our narratives, our opportunities.

    We want to build bridges between Silicon Valley and the young talent, rich natural resources, and novel innovation throughout our dynamic continent. The Forum will serve as a launchpad convening thought-leaders, business titans, changemakers and investors, exchanging diverse perspectives and knowledge about the different markets on the continent. Join us for what promises to be an engaging day exploring this theme with some of the leading thinkers and practitioners from Africa and around the globe.




    • Knight Management Center
    • Stanford Graduate School of Business