Agriculture: Innovations in African agriculture

Africa imported $40 billion worth of food in 2015 despite having half the population working in Agriculture and owning half of the world’s fertile land. The panel will focus on how to introduce technology and innovation to increase productivity and sustainability in agriculture. We would discuss innovating the supply chain for high value crops, using data to increase investments, and increasing productivity for small holder farmers.

Seth Silverman

Principal and Africa Operations Director, Factor[e] Ventures


Tiffany Card

CTO, Komaza


Edwin Macharia

Partner, Dalberg and Regional Director of Africa


Daniel Obaseki

Vice President, Proterra Investment Partners, London

E-Commerce: Past and Future of ecommerce in Africa: looking for the perfect business models

Africa has many unique factors that will contribute to the huge consumer spending opportunity that smart e-commerce companies can take advantage of e.g. rapid growth of the middle class, increased access to mobile phones, high draw to global brands as the next growth frontier, etc. yet unfortunately, even Africa’s highly funded e-commerce companies are fighting to stay afloat. Through the lens of retailers, e-commerce providers and entrepreneurs on the continent, this session shall review how the industry is operating, why it is falling to scale up and how startups can close any identified gaps.

Babatunde Onitiri

Senior Manager, International Finance Corporation (IFC)


Chris Folayan

Founder / CEO &


Iyinoluwa Aboyeji

Co-founder & Managing Director at Flutterwave


Jibolu “J.G.” Ayodele

Co-founder, Thando’s

Education: Bridging the gap and training future leaders

Diversifying African economies and achieving quality growth cannot be attained without talent. According to the World Bank, about 11 million youth are expected to enter Africa’s labor market each year in the next decade. Yet, only 6% of young people in sub-Saharan Africa are enrolled in higher education, and companies operating in Africa repeatedly mention insufficient skilled labor as a challenge to their growth. So, how do we develop a generation that can rise to this challenge? And how can we bridge the gap between the classroom and the economy?

Sabah Khan

Associate Director, MBA Admissions at Stanford Graduate School of Business


Devang Vussonji

Partner, Tanzania Director, Education to Employment Practice Leader at Dalberg Global Development Advisors


Charles Sekwalor

CEO and Founder, Movemeback


Kemi Sokenu-Morris

CEO, The Oladiran Olusegun Adebutu Foundation


Dr. Charles Yeboah

Managing Director, International Community Schools in Ghana

Energy: Challenges and solutions to electrification

The African Continent desperately requires greater electrification - according to Afro Barometer, only two-thirds of the people in Africa continent have access to electricity and of the ones that are connected to the grid, only 69% of these households have electricity most or all of the time. Furthermore, Africa’s rising energy consumption between now and 2030 requires an estimated 250GW of additional capacity. This panel will discuss the opportunities and challenges presented by the increased demand for energy in the short and medium term, offering solutions that could lead to greater electrification of the African continent in the short and medium term.

Professor Sally Benson

Director, The Global Climate and Energy Project


Mahama Nyankamawu

Co-founder and CEO, Volta


Kate Steel

Energy Sector Team Leader, Power Africa


Onsu Wegner

Founder, Tombia River Energy Company


Tomiwa Igun

Co-Founder, Aspire Power Solutions

Finance & Investing: Reducing risk and generating returns in Africa

With continued capital influx into Africa, a discussion of how capital should be deployed to generate stable future long-term growth while simultaneously generating healthy risk-adjusted returns for investors is imperative. The panel will take a deep-dive into the sources and uses of capital in Africa and will discuss how future investments can diversify African economies across industries and potentially aid in the mitigation of risk.

Patricia Chin-Sweeney

Senior Partner and Africa Director, I-DEV International


Eliot Pence

Director, McLarty Associates


Richard Woodhull

Investment Officer, The Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC)


Bill Meehan

Professor, Stanford GSB | Moderator

Healthcare: Encouraging African Healthcare Sector Growth & Addressing Infrastructure Limitations

Non-communicable diseases such as hypertension, cancer and diabetes have been responsible for close to 30% of deaths in sub-Saharan Africa in recent years. These diseases depend on the support of basic medical infrastructure, which is largely inadequate. Foreign aid, much of which is donated to lay the foundation for growth in the healthcare sector is subject to corrupt disbursing. Furthermore, this aid contributes to unfavorable market conditions that inhibit startup healthcare disruption and discourages private sector leadership development. This session will focus on deciphering what concrete measures must be taken to encourage self-driven growth by the African healthcare sector in order to address the limitations of healthcare infrastructure today and build a better Africa tomorrow.

Nikhil Pereira-Kamath

CEO & Chairman, Africa Healthcare Network


Greg Rockson

Cofounder & CEO, mPharma


Femi Kuti

Cofounder & CEO, Kangpe


Kieleken ole-MoiYoi

Head, Novartis Healthcare Alliance


Pierre Theodore

VP Thoracic Surgical Oncology, Johnson & Johnson

Manufacturing & Infrastructure: Becoming a key player in world manufacturing

Africa continues to develop new infrastructure and manufacturing capacity at an accelerating pace. This growth is heterogenous across countries and could be made faster still with improved governance and transparency. Investors are clamoring to invest in African manufacturing but require governmental support in the form of infrastructure. The future looks bright for African manufacturing but what steps must be taken to accelerate change.

Tara Gitau Mureithi

Managing Director, Winnie’s Pure Health Products Ltd


Matt Rogge

Technical Director, Techfortrade


Vincent Egbe

Country Manager, West and Central Africa, The Kraft Heinz Company


Mark Caine

Special Assistant, Energy and Economy at the African Union Commission

Technology: The Future of Technology in Africa

New technology constantly changes the way problems are solved around the globe, and many countries in Africa are continuing to develop ecosystems and new business models around these solutions. Looking through the vantage point of entrepreneurs, investors, and global technology firms, we will explore whether cutting-edge technology trends in machine learning, blockchains, cloud computing and other innovations are driving quality growth, and what the continent needs to capitalize on these trends.

Mbwana Alliy

Founder and Managing Partner, Savannah Fund


Kunle Olokuton

Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Stanford University


Scott Wu

Partner, Omidyar Network

Monica Ugwi

Product Operations Manager, Facebook


Yomi Adedeji

Founder and CEO, Softcom Limited